Precisiontex, cotton, textile fibers & by-products

PRECISIONTEX cotton, textile fibers & by-products

Precisiontex, s.l. . is a company specializing in the production and trading of textile fibers for the textile industry; spinning, non-woven and other technical applications like cosmetics and sanitary.

Thanks to our relationship with producers of synthetic fibbers and filaments we are also involved in several European Counties for recollecting plastic waste and by-products for some suppliers to produce recycled fibbers and filaments and also injection moulding.

Precisiontex, cotton, textile fibers & by-products

We handle a range of virgin and recycled fibers, in natural and man-made fibers.

  • Productos. Precisiontex, cotton, textile fibers & by-products
  • Productos. Precisiontex, cotton, textile fibers & by-products
  • Productos. Precisiontex, cotton, textile fibers & by-products

Inside the natural range our main item is raw cotton in virgin and with recycled a range of cotton by-products like card fly, card waste, cotton thread waste, cotton clips, recycled fibber of all colors and prepared for different applications.

In the man-made fibers and filament range in virgin we work with polyester in white, natural and colours, acrylic, viscose, tencel, seacell, nylon, etc… inside the recycled synthetic field we mainly work with polyester in white and all colors; we can match all needed shades, viscose and mixes; being the most common one the polyester/viscose in white.

The petrochemical items we work with are PET, PP, LDPE, HDPE, PMMA, PA6 & 66, PS, ABS , etc… being all recycled items in form of lump, pellets, regrind and in all colors; including multicoloured.

Our most common items are by-products from spinning mills and cutting and sewing companies, items used for spinning and non-woven processes after a cleaning operation or a opening operation we do ourselves or we used other companies installation; always under a very strict quality control documenting all loads; fiber length, humidity, shrinkage, color, degree of opening, etc.

Productos. Precisiontex, cotton, textile fibers & by-products

Other items are used for more technical applications, like pharmaceutical industries, paper mills, and items for safety applications; as military or fireman outfits.

We are leaders on recollection of fiberglass waste for recycling, item very problematic in the past and going to the landfill that we are able to reprocess and reutilize giving some added value.

Our customer line are spinning mills in open end, ring spun, woollen spinning and dreft spinning, and, also companies producing recycled polyester and customer making injection moulding.

Precisiontex, s.l. is actively working in more than 40 countries, studying in each moment all customers needs and even developing new projects for our customers.